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A one-minute message for business owners who rely on nurses for their survival, from the Founder of, Eric Kline, President of HME SalesPro:

You rely on hard working nurses to keep your company alive and growing, and what do you do in return?  Lunches?  Pens?  Doughnuts?  After 25 years in Homecare Sales, I know first-hand how effective that tactic can be--effective until the Krispy Kreme box is empty and the next rep shows up.

You spend hundreds, if not thousands a year on keeping your referral sources well-nourished, stocked with pens, and organized with plenty of sticky notes.  But are you really giving anything of value back to those who keep your business thriving?

Face it, without your referral sources you'd be out of business.  And with all the cutbacks going on, you've got to do more with less.  These days, you have to set yourself apart from every other rep calling on that nurse.  Everybody can bring pens.  Anyone can bring lunch.  Any knucklehead can drop off sticky notes.  So these days you have to do something different to be competitive.

That's why I started  For over ten years, I've been helping HME companies, Home Health Agencies and Pharmacies grow their business.  During my years in the field, calling on referral sources, the constant recurring request I heard was, "Do you have any CEUs?" 

At the time, there wasn't a system available, so I designed one.  With, not only can you provide your referral sources with free continuing education, but you will have access to reports that allow you to establish a better relationship with those nurses.

These nurses do so much for so many, and ask for so little in return.  So why not give them something they really want?  It's a win-win for you and the nurses.

Providing every nurse in your territory continuing education through your website will only run you $699 per year.  That's less than a few lunches, an order of sticky notes, or a case of coffee cups.

So the choice is yours: Continue doing what you've been doing and hope business gets better. Or do more with less and truly give back to those who keep you in business.

Still not sure?  Register today and  I'll give you a thirty day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

These days we have to do more with less, and this program will go a long way to help you build lasting relationships with your nurses and set yourself apart from your competition.  So why not register today and start showing the love?

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