Are you trying to offer a value-added service?  TIred of getting beat up by your customers over pricing? 

We can help with that.

By working with LoveYourNurse, you'll be able to offer our services to your key clients as a value-added service.  Don't let them tear you down on prices--show them the value of buying from you.

We can help you shift from being a commodity to being a valued partner by providing your customers' referral sources access to our continuing education program.

Through our Educational Grant Program, we'll provide a new course through your client's website on behalf of your company.  Your customers will appreciate your kindness, and becuase their referral sources are more loyal, they're more likely to increase their orders. 

Here's a sampling of our current and future courses

As a manufacturer, you may have certain courses you'd prefer your clients to have access to.  In that case, we can host them exclusively for your clients.

Contact us to discuss your options further.

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